From the drawing to the cartoon

The aim of the school project is to let the children realize a cartoon, giving them at the same time, all the information, both basic and advanced, useful for the realization of the initiative.

Find out the phases of realization of the cartoon, through which the students will learn the basics of animation and storytelling in a funny and active way!

Watch the cartoons realized by the students of primary and elementary school!

Why do that?

8 valid motivations to choose our project

The philosophy
Thanks to the game, promote the interiorization of basic values like sharing and cooperation.  
The social aim
To involve kids in an activity to realize in teams that will raise their sociability and the communication skills.
The aim
To find out how a cartoon is born and to learn by having fun.
The method
To mix the natural creativity of children with the logicals of sequential movement.
The narration
Through drawing, game and fun, children explore the complexity of the narrative act by developing their analysis skills.
The analysis
While children train their imagination and creativity, learn how to give completed stories a structure and how to bring to life the characters of a story.
The digital animation
Children take confidence with images, movement, framings and dynamics of animation.
The party
Create a final event to crown the path made together.

The Steps

From explanation to action

1 – 2
The explanation

We will explain to the kids the concept of animation and dynamism and we will show them various typologies of cartoons, then we will switch to the detailed analysis of the history to animate.

3 – 4
Kids pass to action

We switch to the drafting of the storyboard, meaning the script of the video, and from them the kids will draw in completely freedom the sequences.

5 – 7
The drawings become digital

The drawings are digitized through a scanner and uploaded in a computer. Once isolated backgrounds, images and characters, we switch to the layout. In this step we will give images movement.

8 – 10
The Cartoons born

The voices of the cartoon will be registered, they can be the kids themselves to record the characters voices. At the end the opening and ending credits will be chosen and we draw the graphic for the front page.

Our numbers

The innovative and educative project is designed and realized by Marco Marilungo in collaboration with Empix Multimedia.

Animated Drawings

The static drawings take life, a unique opportunity for the kids to create their own cartoons.

Kids involved

The project has always been welcomed with excitement from both the teachers and the parents, but first of all from the kids themselves.

Participating schools

Thanks to the several schools that have accepted, and to the help of the teachers, the kids could see realized their projects.

Municipalities involved

Camerino, Fiastra, Tolentino, Corridonia, Morrovalle, Civitanova Marche, Fermo, Porto Sant’Elpidio, Avellino, Caldarola and Venice.